Music Lessons for Toddlers Singapore

Comments Off on Music Lessons for Toddlers Singapore parents enjoy it when their kids learn and grow in a variety of areas. They wish for their child to stay on track and have many more opportunities than they had when they were little. Most parents recognize that music lessons is an important part of every child’s education, whether they become very proficient and interested in a certain instrument, or simply learn the basics, it is a great learning experience teaching discipline, a love for music and appreciation for culture. When parents are considering music lessons for toddlers Singapore for children, they commonly ask what age is appropriate to begin these lessons.

The truth is that there is no one time that is right for every child. Around fourth or fifth grade, many elementary schools offer some kind of music lessons for toddlers Singapore instruction in a class setting. This is good for a child’s first exposure. However, at some point it is a good idea to offer them private lessons. How do you know when the right time is?

Start by evaluating how well you child is doing in school and finding out what their interest level in music is. If they are excelling at school, constantly learning, and incredibly interested in music or instruments, the time may be now. Starting it when they are enthusiastic and genuinely interested is much better than waiting until they are teenagers who are apt to balk and think it childish.

Communicating with your youngster is important too. Youngsters need to understand that music lessons for toddlers Singapore must be taken just as truly as school. Private music lessons are costly, both regarding cash and time. Make beyond any doubt your tyke realizes that you take it truly enough to contribute that time and cash. Control and motivation are essential to effective education in music or anything else. Your tyke will have to practice regularly, much the same as doing homework.

If you think this is the time for your son or daughter to start music lessons, it’s time to think about which instrument they should study. If they have obtained a good basic knowledge of theory at school, then they may be able to take up any instrument. If your child is particularly interested in one instrument, he will be motivated to practice and work hard. However, many experts recommend that every child have at least a year of piano before taking up another skill. Piano is a good instrument to start with because they can see the notes as well as hear them, and they can play multiple keys at once, helping them learn about chords and how melody and harmony interact.

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Understanding the Importance of Outdoor Play for Kids

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Children are naturally energetic and fun-loving people. They deserve to be given plenty of time to discover the world around them and learn at the same time through active play. If provided with a nurturing and safe environment, these young ones will surely grow into intelligent, practical and confident individuals. These are the end goals of education, and it is only right for parents to look for a quality school that offers all the essential elements supporting the proper development of every child.

Outdoor Play – Why It Matters in Education

Singapore’s geographical setting is indeed optimum for numerous days of spending in the outdoors. With its ideal climate, the country receives much sunshine on most parts of the year, and this is something that kids are crazy about. It is blessed to have clear blue skies nearly all year-round, and this should provide children with maximum hours of outdoor play.

However, this is not to say that kids should just play for the mere purpose of exhausting all pent-up energies from staying indoors in their condos for hours. For a good school with a vision such as Preschoolsg Kindergarten, playing takes on another role. It serves as a catalyst for learning, and this is what the school offers to its students. The International School views the impact of outdoor play as a means to teach students about real life situations, which should be the main purpose of education.

Specifically throughout the childhood stage of development, outdoor play sets the stage for meaningful exploration of the bigger world. There are so many things to discover, and these are found through various sights and sounds, as well realistic physical experiences that children are exposed to. Hence, for a school to understand all of these as important facets of education, it should be something to look forward to for parents who only want what’s best for their young ones.

kindergarten-facilityBenefits of Outdoor Learning

Preschoolsg Kindergarten realizes the value of outdoor play to children, considering all of these benefits in shaping the minds and bodies of these young learners:

  1. Enhances Social Skills and Learning Process

When children are at play, they are given a chance to express and exercise their creativity in every way. For instance, they get to deal with other children, which offers them actual scenarios that incorporate the importance of relating with people and resolving conflicts. Their conversations with their peers also help improve their oral skills, and they are able to listen and speak at the same time. According to Andrea Strachan, preschoolsg Kindergarten’s Vice Principal, hands-on learning provides a greater opportunity for children to assimilate concepts more than what rote learning can do. In the crucial period of development such as kindergarten, this is very important as it provides a strong foundation for learning.

  1. Exposure Nature

Nowadays, more and more children are becoming attached to gadgets and devices due to the advancement in technology. They tend to lack the time to appreciate the beauty of nature, notice the sweet smell of a flower, listen to the gentle rustling of leaves, or watch the chirping birds and lush greenery all around them. When they become disconnected with nature, they become less capable of facing reality since too much involvement with virtual games do not facilitate total development.

For every parent, this should be an issue that needs to be addressed as early as a child’s younger years. Nature is healing, calming and invigorating, and all of these benefits should be showered upon children who deserve to be nourished. Moreover, being more in touch with the world around them allows children to become sensitive, caring and tender individuals. Their sensory skills are sharpened, and they become more in touch with themselves and others.

  1. Actual Learning

The world is a huge classroom, and this is what preschoolsg largely believes in. Thus, the school offers children an outdoor classroom that gives these young ones a chance to explore grassy hills, creative play areas and lush greens. It is a paradise that support the development of numerous skills such as numerical and literacy. Their imagination and creativity are improved, and they get to solve actual problems that make sense in their lives.

Truly, outdoor play is the best gift that a child should receive during these tender years of development. preschoolsg Kindergarten makes sure that every child is nourished not only on the cognitive level, but also on the physical, emotional, social and psychological aspects.

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