Starting A Company In Singapore


The Advantages Of Starting A Company In Singapore

Singapore, also known as a financial center, is a beautiful city-nation that has the best living environment, the efficient government, the first-rate exports and airports and the best investment environment. In recent years, the Singapore government has enacted a series of favorable policies to attract those people such as high-tech talents and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in Singapore. On this background, more and more investors are considering starting a company in Singapore.

In general, there are two advantages of starting a company in Singapore.

One the one hand, you can create an international brand easily. Singapore is an international metropolis, which has had fabulous achievements in many fields such as Industry, Business, Culture, and so on. If you establish a company in Singapore, the status of your company rises quickly. This helps you win more clients and enlarge market share significantly.

On the other hand, you will face a lower tax burden. As one of the developed nations that offer the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, Singapore has a simpler tax system and always gives enough supports to the domestic business. On average, you’re just required to pay five kinds of taxes and spend nearly two days on tax administration in a year. All of these mean that it can save you a lot of money to set up a company in Singapore.

Now, a huge amount of entrepreneurs in other countries and regions have set up their companies in Singapore. Due to the good investment environment and the favorable policies, their companies are developing with a fast speed. If you are considering starting a company in Singapore, do it now!

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June 1, 2012 |
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