Introduction to Haematological Disorders

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Haematological disorders is a disease which may lead to a genetic disorder. This kind of disorder may damage the people’s capability of clot blood. Therefore, many patients who are suffering from this disease died because of the bleeding. This disease covers a wide spectrum of disorders, ranging from acute leukemia to anemia. If the disease is benign, it can be treated in hospital in singaporeand doesn’t cause symptoms and do not affect overall lifespan. But it gets more serious; it will can cause chronic illness or are life-threatening. Today, there are a numerous person suffering from it, and some of them succumb to it. However, the haematological disorders are based on many factors. For instance, it relies on which cell type is affected and how low or high the count.

Generally speaking, people who having the haematological disorder may undergo some symptoms, including extreme fatigue, dizziness, loss of concentration, noise in the ear, shortness of breath with exertion, and fast heartbeat. In the past years, the previously incurable or possibly fatal, blood disorders that cannot be cured by means of conventional therapy such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, in recent years, with the development of technology, the field of hematology and stem cell transplant has dramatic breakthroughs so that it provides new therapys which helps patients to live longer and lead better quality lives.

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March 6, 2013 |
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