Low Cost Laser Distance Sensor Improves Your Work Efficiency

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Thanks to the advancement of technology, a lot of products occur in the market in these days. Therefore, the people can have more opportunities to choose one that is suitable for their requirements. It is reported that many indoor robotics systems utilize the laser rangefinders as their primary sensor for mapping, localization, and obstacle avoidance.

In the past, when the people measured the distance, they will face some obstacles such as the bad environment. In order to overcome harsh conditions, the manufacturers invent the low cost laser distance sensor that is to make a map and navigate in an environment.

The low cost laser distance sensor is a kind of laser sensor used to find find barrier and create a map. It is a good assistance to help people accomplish their tasks such as vacuuming or delivery.This product exists the range of economic, low cost distance measurement sensors, providing a measuring range between 0.2m and 8m on diffuse reflective surfaces, even as high as 50m when using a reflector plate. It can bring benefits such as its high measurement speed of 100Hz that also enables length measurements with different objects in the measuring range, as well as the high reliability of measurements on different target materials.

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March 13, 2013 |
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