Making the most of your frequent flier rewards program

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Frequent flier rewards programs are a loyalty scheme offered by many of today’s major airlines. There are a number of benefits to each different program which can range from earning free flights to additional holiday extras such as flight upgrades, hotel rooms and even car hire.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Each rewards program offers different features, advantages and benefits so it is important to choose the best program to suit your needs. There is a wealth of information on the internet about how to choose the best program, however according to the Huffington Post these are the main factors to bear in mind.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer offer a frequent flier program

Consolidating your travel

There are some who recommend signing up to as many different programs as possible in order to maximise the benefits however this is usually false economy. There are no advantages to having 50,000 air miles spread across seven different airlines. Instead you should choose a couple of programs at the most and aim to fly with these providers whenever you can. There are some rewards programs that are transferable across a number of different airlines so if you travel to a lot of different destinations it could be worth looking into a rewards program that is not linked to one specific airline.

Similarly there is no logic in choosing to fly with a specific airline just because you are a member of their frequent flier program. If you end up going 1000 miles out of your way just so you can earn air miles you really aren’t seeing any benefits at all. Sometimes it is worth forgoing your points in the interests of cheaper and more convenient travel.

How to accrue points

There are a number of different ways to accrue points or air miles. Most common is simply to fly with your chosen airline. The more miles you cover, the more points you get. Once you have collected a certain amount of points through your travels you can redeem them in the form of free flights or other rewards that are offered with the program.

More recently, however, there has been a shift towards earning air miles for your frequent flier program through the use of associated credit cards. Rewards programs such as singapore airlines krisflyer frequent flier program offer numerous benefits when you use their credit card to make everyday purchases. In fact, in today’s market more points are earned through associated credit card purchases than they are from actually flying.

Are the benefits worth it?

There is much debate over whether frequent flier programs are actually worth the benefits. The answer again very much depends on what you want from your rewards program. If you are an occasional traveller and simply want to take advantage of cheaper airfares you are probably better off searching the internet for the lowest tariff for your chosen destination. However if you fly frequently, especially to the same location, then it is certainly worth making the most of the benefits a frequent flier program has to offer.

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September 20, 2013 |
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