4 Tips to finding best interest rates from money lender Singapore

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Money lender SingaporeMoney lender Singapore is there to assist borrowers with their financial shortfalls which are short term. As a borrower, it is very essential that one shops around so as to know best rates before one takes up a loan. This will ensure that one saves a significant amount of money when it comes to interest payments of the loan. Below are some 4 tips to assist one when looking for loan rates being offered by money lenders in Singapore.

1. Visiting licensed lenders.

To check out the interest rates, one should visit lenders that are around you. One is required to fill up a form for loan application. After this, the loan officer will do a credit check before they offer you an interest rate. This process takes around 20 to 30 minutes. To get the best rates, one must visit multiple money lenders. Singapore has 172 money lenders and it might be time consuming to get the best rate.

2. Researching online.

To understand money lender Singapore one should visit rating or review websites online. One gets to read comments ex borrowers post. This helps you to desist from taking up money loans from lenders considered errant. Short listing some of the lenders and visiting their websites is highly advisable. Most of these websites have short loan application forms that one should fill up. To know your needs better, a loan officer calls you after you have submitted the application form.

3. Calling the money lender Singapore .

One can call the lenders and ask about their interest rates for money loans.

4. Comparison website.

One is able to compare the loan offers from different money lender Singapore through these websites. One post their loan request and receives from various money lender singapore their loan offers. With the loan offers, one can compare the interests’ rates before choosing one offer. With this comparison one is able to make decisions that are well informed.

These are some of the ways in which one can use when looking for the best interest rates from money lender Singapore. A credit check is very important since it determines the interest rate the money lender Singapore offers you.

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June 25, 2016 |
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