Advantages of ABO Incompatibility

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A news shows that a girl has ABO incompatibility in which the doctor exchange plasma in a patient’s blood to temporarily change the blood type, tricking the body into accepting an organ it would naturally reject. For most patients, this is a wonderful thing as it brings hope and life for them. There are many people suffering from damaged organs, and some of them are dead due to shortness of organs. Most disorders can be cured in the early stage, but it will take your life if left untreated. It is because that you have missed the best time for treating them.

Many people have to face this problem when they are going to undergo a transplant surgery, such as heart transplant and kidney transplant.The increasing discrepancy between the number of end-stage renal disease patients on waiting lists and the number of available deceased donor kidneys is attributed to the shortness of organs. Most experts agree that this problem can be handled by increasing the numbers of living kidney transplantation and overcoming the immunological barriers of ABO-incompatible and HLA-sensitization. Although the number of patients who receive a living kidney transplant is increasing, some transplants fail to be performed because of the pre-existing human leukocyte antigen antibodies or ABO-incompatibility. It is known that different organs from different bodies result in hyperactive antibody-mediated allograft rejection.

March 6, 2013 |
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