Heart Failure Treatment

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As we all known, heart failure is a deadly disease. It leads to nearly 300,000 deaths every year. The number of patients with heart disease is nearly 5 million. People who has the problem with heart failure are suffering from the problem about pumping blood. When the capability of heart to pumping blood become weaker, there is not enough blood flow throughout their bodies. Then the patients may very dangerous.

Both sides or single side of the heart can be affected. However, the condition that the left side is affected is more common.It will occur the problem that there is not enough oxygen rich blood to throughout the body.People who have the disease high blood pressure or serious cardiovascular disease have much possibilities to get heart failure.

It is very dangerous because when the arterial plaque in the arteries blocks the flow of blood, less blood can get to the heart.Hence, the heart must work harder to pump the blood so that the body has enough blood to flow. The heart will be damaged gradually.



February 26, 2013 |
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