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Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and the country’s industrial, commercial, and economic center. Recent years the Commercial Property Auckland is getting popular attracting people all over the world. It is located in New Zealand’s North Island with 56 islands. Half inland towns and half seaside towns make it become a pluralistic water world. The world’s most important multinational companies all have offices in Auckland which make it New Zealand’s “economic capital”. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and port with Waitemata Harbour on the east to the Pacific Ocean. Auckland is New Zealand’s world famous tourist destination, known as “sailing capital”.

Its climate is quite comfortable of mild and rainy climate with four distinct seasons and temperatures in the range of 6-28 ℃throughout the year. The summer is the best time to travel. Even in the summer, its temperature maintained at 26-29 degrees which can be said quite pleasant.

Although it is vast, the whole population is only about 1.3 million accounting for 25% of the country’s population. It is a multiple-nation city including about 60% European and Americans and 20% Asian.

It also has to be said that it is a natural “Garden” with more than 300 gardens in the city, almost 3 times which has also become one of the reasons people around the world to emigrate here. If you want to live or start business here, you can get more advices from commercial property Auckland.

Auckland is New Zealand’s economic center and the most important industrial base for its maritime facilities with both side harbors. It is the distribution center of the country’s industrial and trade center and transportation hub and important naval base. Major industrial here are machinery, shipbuilding, processing of meat, milk, sugar, paper, fertilizer, etc. The main output is dairy products, meat, leather, wool and wood. There are regular air links with Australia, Britain, the United States, Asia and other countries.

New Zealand’s largest international airport, Auckland International Airport, is only 30 minutes driving from the center of Auckland. It has New Zealand’s largest container terminal in the port, approximately 46% of the New Zealand National imported materials and 25% of export goods entering and leaving the port. It is New Zealand’s largest and busiest commercial and financial center, the New Zealand Stock Exchange and a number of large banks headquartered here.

The most expensive commercial property Auckland locate around Queen Street and Viaduct Basin in Auckland Central Business District, where financial and business location of the company. The two boundary signs are Manukau Harbour and Tamaki River.

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