Short Introduction about Funcitons of a Microscope

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In recent years, the quality of microscopes has been improved greatly because of the development of technology. Furthermore, the manufacturers have enhanced many functions of a microscope, depending upon the demands of the clients. There are various optical parts under a microscope which help you observe the specimen or samples on a slide.

The eyepiece lens that magnifies the object usually by 10x can look through. Tube aims to hold the eyepiece and the objective lenses at the proper working distance from other places. If you want to see a magnified image from the top of the microscope, the eyepiece can help you look through.Different parts of the microscope will show various functions of a microscope.

The objective lens is useful to help people attach at the end of the tube with the help of seeing three or four microscope lens. Eyepiece will offer a magnifying lens that focuses the image from the objective into your eye. And the course adjust is to focus under low magnification. The low-power objective will give you large specimens or overview while the high-power objective is suitable for the detailed viewing or small specimens. The microscope can be used in many industries such as any Biology laboratory.

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March 20, 2013 |
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