Low Cost Laser Distance Sensor can be a good choice

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The low cost laser distance sensor or light curtain sensors will bring you more advantages such as fine angular and distance resolution, realtime behavior (hundreds or thousands of point measurements per second) and low false positive and negative rates. This means that you can avoid some errors and losses. The distance sensor is ubiquitous in many industries like the business. It has been popular because of its some characteristics, including eye-safe, works under standard indoor lighting conditions and some outdoor conditions, measures a full 360 degree planar scan, has a range from 0.2m to 6m, high resolution, 4000 readings per second, small size and low power, standard, commercially-available components and low cost.

For many companies that are dedicated to measuring the distance, choosing the best laser distance sensor is available for their work. The low cost laser distance sensor includes long distance laser sensor head, durable, ultra small spot laser sensor, real detection, definite-reflective laser sensor and long-distance area retro-reflective laser sensor. No matter what do you buy, you should depend on your requirement to select it. Different types have different performances. If you know nothing about this product, the suppliers are able to give you detailed information like its use. It is believed that the advancement of technology will drive its improvement of quality further. Anyway, it is available for you.

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March 5, 2013 |
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