A Mutoh Valuejet Printer—Offering You Terrific Printing

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Mutoh Valuejet InkIn the office, a printer is one of the most common peripheral equipment of a computer. It is used to make the information in the electric form displayed on printing media such as paper, plastic, cloth, and so on. If you don’t use a printer to print something, it can be said that you don’t use the computer to the fullest. Now, there are all kinds of makes of printers available in the market. And more and more people use a mutoh valuejet printer in their business, which is referred to as a brand-name printer. So, how much do you know about this printer?

The Mutoh Valuejet printer manufacturer–the Mutoh company, is a famous and professional enterprise in Japan that dedicate itself to producing printers with the computer designing and manufacturing technology. And its products are famous for precision and profession and have the best quality when compared with others all over the world.

Typically, Mutoh printers are divided into two categories, VJ set and RJ set. The printers of VJ set are used for inkjet printing. Usually, VJ1604W, VJ1618W, and VJ2628 printers are used indoors, and VJ1204,VJ1304 VJ1604 and VJ1618K printers are used in the open air. The printers of RJ set, which includes RJ900PRO, RJ1300C printers, are typically used indoors to yield CAD graphs and pictorials and transfer printing, and so on.

In the Mutoh company, the mutoh valuejet printer is rated as a featured product. In general, a mutoh valuejet printer has four features as follows:

First of all, it uses the advanced technology to take control of ink drops. With advanced technology, it makes the photos prettier, the light area finer and the less light area more colorful and the transitional color smoother. And you can see the minimum 3.5pl ink drops clearly.

And then, it uses both the unique technology of wave printing and the Level 2 ink bag technology. It can improve the quality of printing significantly with wave printing technology. And the Level 2 ink bag technology provides the print head with ink drops ceaselessly and allows the pressure of the ink route to be permanent all the time.

At last, it is equipped with the automatic heating system of three sections that increases the temperature quickly and controls it accurately. When printing, it uses the completely new TCS ink, which is eco-friendly.

Compared with others, a mutoh valuejet printer offers a better quality and a higher efficiency. Therefore, a mutoh valuejet printer is becoming more and more popular in the market, also like Designjet 9000S. For those who want to purchase a printer, it is really an ideal option.

May 23, 2012 |
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